Complete the Inform Target survey (, and receive a Provide feedback and help improve customer service. Must have a recent receipt from Target with a survey invitation in order to participate in the survey. 

Survey NameInform Target
Survey URL
Survey RewardProvide feedback and help improve customer service
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Purchase Required?No Purchase Necessary
Offer EndsOngoing

Survey Hacks (Tips & Tricks)

1. If the survey reward is a coupon discount, there’s probably no limit to how many times you can take the survey and get your free coupon, do it every day if you’d like (you just need a valid survey invitation).

2. If the reward on this survey is a sweepstakes entry, check the official rules for max number of entries per entry period. There is often a limit, but usually, you can enter multiple times to increase your chances of winning.

3. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy something super cheap, save the receipt – poof, you should now have a valid survey invitation.

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  1. Erin Mathews says:

    The cashier named Kelli M was a delight at the register and made my experience great at Princeton Target

  2. Amy Renolds says:

    The cashier named Kelli M at The Princeton Target made my experience great each time I shop in this store. she kindly takes the time to assist me with the app and help me with my savings and is a delight to see and have as a cashier. Please reward this extremely hard worker she deserves nothing but the best and this store would not function without her.

  3. shopped at the San Jose south target today. I was charged a price for each that was more than the labeled shelf price. One item was marked 50% off at the shelf price when I informed the clerk, she stated it was coming up as the full price and it was store policy that I would have to take a picture of the reduced price if I wanted it at the reduced price. Gee guess what, not everybody runs around with a cell phone or camera to take pictures of marked shelf prices of each item intended to buy. The second item had a shelf price of $1.97 and I was charged $2.19. The store should be responsible for charging correct prices. Very disappointing.

  4. Betty Bertino says:

    I was able to get the items I was looking for in one trip and when I went to the checkout Rachel was a joy to have wait on me in the North Lakeland FL store. ( user ID: 7686 1814 1992 Password 325 471)

  5. I was a faithful shopper at target with my grand children. I got them everything that they want in your store, and I find out that you were supporting the gay pride month, let alone the disgusting clothing in the store. I would think you learned your lesson after Anheuser-Busch incident. I will never set foot in your store again, as will several of my friends and family. Shame on you. My God would never be in favor of this behavior.

  6. judith ellen plensdorf says:

    When shopping at Target in Allen Park, Mi they had signs in the pop aisle that stated 3 for $15.00 for 12 packs of pop. At the register I was charged $6.49 for each 12 pack. When I questioned this, the cashier was very apologetic and attempted to find the correct price. When unable to do so, he called over someone overseeing the self-check.out lanes. He stated the price was last week’s sale price. When I stated all the sale prices were still displayed on the shelf and I should be given the advertised price, he sent me to the return desk. There I found a line of people waiting to be helped (7) with one worker at the desk. I waited in line and saw no movement and left. I was less than pleased with the condition of this store. I shop here often and have never seen it like today with clothing all over the floor, shelves empty and most of the store a mess. Come on Target!! You can do better.

  7. michael McMillan says:

    wanted to survey.